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    Common Cause of Car Accidents

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    Thousands of car accidents happen every year causing roughly 35,000 death in the U.S. On top of that, each year hundreds of thousands of people are injured in car crashes. It is important to know the leading the causes of car accidents in order to better prevent future injuries, and keep the roads a safer place.

    Different Types Causes of Auto Accidents

    Here are the most common causes of car accidents:

    • Drunk Driving – There is no excuse for drunk driving. Every year thousands of preventable
      accidents occur because of drunk driving.
    • Texting – Distracted driving is nearly as bad drunk driving. State governments have
      been cracking down on texting. Some legislatures have even charged drivers
      with manslaughter, who have killed someone by texting.
    • Speeding – Breaking the law, by failing to follow the speed limit, is among the top
      causes of traffic accidents.
    • Fatigue – If a driver is involved in an accident who has a steady track record of
      falling asleep at the wheel, they can be charged with a criminal offense.
    • Defective Auto Parts The most common defects include: faulty tires, seatbelt malfunction, dangerous
      roofs, and bad airbags.
    • Poor Weather Conditions – Drivers should be aware of the dangers that exist when the weather is poor.
    • Rubber-necking – Rubber-necking is another term for distracted driving, where motorist look
      at other accidents or sights for prolonged periods of time.
    • Other types of distracted driving – Drivers can be distracted by eating, smoking, talking on a cell phone,
      or generally not paying attention on the road.
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