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    St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers

    Injury accidents can happen frequently and suddenly. Especially in instances involving automobile or premises liability accidents, victims of these types of incidents can suddenly have their lives changed in just a moment. No matter the type of injury you have sustained in an accident, any and all responsible parties must be held accountable for their actions.

    When taking legal action against someone who has caused your accident or injury, you will need to work with a skilled professional who knows how to prove negligence. At Stephens Kelly Law, our St. Louis personal injury lawyers are devoted to uncovering all necessary evidence to help prove negligence and hold all liable parties accountable for their costly oversights, misconduct, or reckless actions.

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    Understanding How Negligence Plays a Role in Your Case

    Under the protection of a personal injury claim, anyone who has been innocently injured due to someone else’s negligent behavior can file for financial compensation. Proving negligence will be the key to success in any type of personal injury claim. In some cases, negligence will be clear. In other cases, however, proving fault can be a convoluted and disputed process.

    We have nearly 20 years of combined experience in exposing negligence in a number of personal injury accident claims, including:

    • Automobile accidents
    • Medical malpractice
    • Work-related accidents
    • Product and premises liability claims

    Unfortunately, many corporations and insurance companies will try to deny blame or refuse to accept fault. In an attempt to avoid paying out your fair share of compensation, these entities will try to twist the story and assign guilt or a portion of fault to you – the injured victim!

    Don’t allow yourself to be unjustly compensated by insurance companies. With our firm working by your side, you can be confident that your claim is in good hands. We know how the opposing side thinks and can create an indisputable argument that can help prove that a liable party failed to act in reasonable care to prevent a serious accident.

    Get to the truth with our personal injury lawyers at Stephens Kelly Law!

    We know that the foundation to a successful argument can rely on solid evidence. At Stephens Kelly Law, our St. Louis personal injury attorneys are dedicated to helping you tell your side of the story and to making sure that it is heard loud and clear. We believe that prompt investigation, as well as proactive case management, can help us provide our clients with the results and effective representation that they truly deserve.

    To learn how negligence may play a role in your claim and how we can help you maximize your compensation, schedule your free case evaluation with our skilled team today!