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    St. Louis Products Liability Lawyer

    Injury Attorney with Former Defense Experience

    At Stephens Kelly Law, our attorneys in St. Louis help individuals file products liability claims and lawsuits after suffering injury caused by a defective product. If you have been injured by a defective product, you deserve to hold the negligent party accountable and recover the compensation you need. When you file a products liability claim, you may be going up against a company’s team of attorneys—and you will want a skilled injury lawyer fighting in your corner.

    Our injury team has nearly 20 years of combined experience and
    former experience defending Fortune 500 clients.
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    Our Attorneys Handle All Kinds of Product Liability Cases

    Defective products range from vehicle parts to commercial products and appliances. If a defective product caused you serious injury, our attorneys in St. Louis may help you file a product liability claim to recover for your losses and expenses. No matter what situation you may be in, it is vital to review the accident and your medical assessment with a skilled legal professional who may help you determine an effective course of legal action.

    We have successfully handled all types of product liability claims, including:

    • Automobile products (car, truck, motorcycle, and boating vehicles)
    • Household products and appliances
    • Commercial products and appliances
    • Industrial products and appliances
    • Medical supplies and medications
    • Baby products, baby food, and infant formula
    • Children’s toys and children’s car seats
    • Food poisoning and tainted food products
    • Cosmetics and makeup products

    Our St. Louis products liability attorneys have had the privilege of representing clients from all walks of life. Although we have achieved countless favorable outcomes for companies during our practice at a large law firm, we often felt that justice was not truly being served to the deserving party. Today, we use the opportunity as skilled litigators to provide victims with the type of top-tier, winning advocacy that large corporations enjoy.

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    Put Stephens Kelly Law in Your Corner

    No one ever expects to sustain serious injuries, diseases, or life-threatening damages after using a product. Unfortunately, these types of injuries happen frequently in the St. Louis area. From major car accidents due to brake system failure to serious industrial explosions due to power tool malfunction, the resulting damages for any type of defective product could be catastrophic.

    At Stephens Kelly Law, we wholeheartedly pursue justice for our clients. By demanding safer products from manufacturers across the nation, we can force consumer product distributers and manufacturers to practice under much safer and more transparent practices.

    Contact our St. Louis personal injury lawyers today and get a free case consultation to learn how we can make a difference in your product liability claim.