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    St. Louis Truck Accident Attorneys

    World-Class Representation from Stephens Kelly Law

    With nearly 20 years of combined experience, our St. Louis personal injury lawyers at Stephens Kelly Law have the skill and dedication to help you fight for just compensation for a truck accident case. We have extensive knowledge of how large corporations defend personal injury lawsuits and our firm can use this background to pursue justice on your behalf.

    When it comes to truck accident cases, you will need the defense of a firm that is committed to providing world-class representation. You will be up against a large truck corporation that has developed tactics to minimize the compensation that injured parties receive.

    We provide quality representation for all types of truck accident cases, including:

    • Jackknife accidents
    • Fatigued driver accidents
    • Improper maneuver accidents
    • Rollover accidents
    • Underride truck accidents
    • Rear-suspension failure accidents
    • Bald tire / tire blowout accidents

    We are here to help! Contact Stephens Kelly Law by calling (314) 240-5040!

    Why You Need a Lawyer in Your Truck Accident Case

    Other things you should do:

    • Take photographs of the damage, the scene of the accident and of any injuries you sustained
    • Keep a record of insurance information and contact information for all parties involved
    • Take note of any potential witnesses
    • Save all receipts for any expense associated with the accident
    • Contact an experienced personal injury attorney

    Truck accidents can cause more damage than collisions involving other types of vehicles. They are also more difficult to litigate, because they often involve claims against multiple defendants. For instance you may be able to pursue a claim against the trucking company that employed the driver or the company that manufactured the goods carried by the truck

    Other parties may also be liable for your injuries in the truck accident, including:

    • Truck manufacturer
    • Trucking company that inspects the vehicle
    • Employer who made the trucker work long hours

    During a free case evaluation, we can discuss which parties may be liable for your damages. We can fully investigate your case and determine the most appropriate course of action.

    If you have suffered injury in a truck accident and have reason to believe that the driver’s negligence is the cause, we can help you address the legal issues associated with your case. Contact our St. Louis personal injury attorney today!